At Dombaj Soft, we respect our visitors and customer privacy.
Our web site collects no information from our visitors or customers.
We collect the email addresses and emails, that you provide us with by contacting us. We use this data to reply to your emails. We may contact you only in cases where you explicitly request us to do so.
If you send your files to Dombaj Soft, we will delete these files from our computers in a secure manner, after we finish working on them.
We will never disclose any received data, in any way, to anybody, except for the cases where we are required by law to do so.
If you request so, your data will be deleted from our computers instantly upon receiving the request.
Our e-commerce processor, used during the product purchase process, is secure and fully GDPR compliant.
Our software products contain no spyware, adware or other harmful code and never attempt to send any data to us.
Privacy Statement