At Dombaj Soft, we respect our visitors and customer privacy.
We collect the minimum information from our visitors and customers required for our web site and the e-commerce solution to run without problems.

Dombaj Soft will never disclose the collected information, in any way, except in the cases where we are required by law to do so.

Our web site does not attempt to gather any personal information from the visitors, except during the product purchase process.

The personal information from our customers is collected only during the software purchase process.
The customers provide us with the information by filling out web forms.
The information is used for accounting and statistical records only.

We use the e-mail addresses, that you provide us with, to reply to your e-mail.
In cases where an important update of our software products is available, Dombaj Soft may contact you via this e-mail address.
You may request that we never contact you and we will fully respect your request, unless we are forced by law to do otherwise.

Our software products contain no spyware, adware or other harmful code.

If you send your files to Dombaj Soft the files will be securely deleted from our computers after we finish working on them.
The mail attachments will also be deleted from our e-mail clients.
We will never disclose the sent files, in any way, except in the cases where we are required by law to do so.
Privacy Statement