Protect VBA Code helps protecting VBA projects from password cracking in MS Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher, Outlook, FrontPage, Project  and most other file types.
There are several password recovery tools on the Internet anybody could misuse to get your code, if you protect it with a VBA password, since it can be removed regardless of its length and complexity.
Your code is available to anybody wanting to patch your license enforcement function or reuse your code, even in competing projects.
Protect VBA Code

Download the demo edition of our software for a FREE trial. The Demo edition works on small files only.
You can also request a fully functional time-limited trial. Please use your business email address to contact us.

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Info on updates, bundles and volume discounts is available via email.

Free support is available via e-mail. The free support excludes: simulating the problem environment, debugging and fixing of the customers VBA code, and creating workarounds for issues related to the applied VBA protection.
If you need this services, please order Premium Support at $99.95 per project.

It may be possible to recover the protected VBA code by using software that can read VBA code directly from the file and/or by bypassing the VBA IDE.
The VBA code from MS Access MDB, ACCDB and MS Project MPD and MS Office 97 format files can not be protected.

Any questions? Please read the FAQ.

For legal use only, use our Remove VBA Password software to perform secure, instant VBA password removal.
Offers much better protection than any VBA password.
Most VBA password recovery tools can find the protection and/or remove it.
Non-experts can not hack the protection with a hex editor - the project remains locked.
Safe processing - the original, source file is left untouched and a protected copy is generated.
In most cases the protection doesn't require changes to your VBA code and it never requires a runtime for deployment.
Supports the command line usage and returns ERRORLEVEL values.
The software supports MS Office 2000 to 2013 file formats of all supported VBA host applications. Works on all MS Windows platforms.
The protected files work everywhere, including on Microsoft Office for Mac.
Full 30-day money back guaranty.