Fast E-Mail Support
Our customers receive fast, FREE e-mail support. We try to answer every support request as soon as possible
Please send your e-mails to this address.

Pre-Sale Support
If you are not yet a customer, but need information on our products, please send your e-mails to this address.
Purchasing FAQ:

Q: How secure is your purchase process?

A: We use BlueSnap (formerly Plimus),  the global leader in secure software e-commerce.
    They use state of the art data encryption and fraud protection technologies, for your security. It simply doesn't get better then this.

Q: What if your software doesn't work on my files?
A: We will help you to find the problem and resolve it, as fast as possible, free of charge.
     If you decide to send us the problem file, we will fix the problem in the file and in our software, send you the problem-free file and securely delete the sent file.
     If the product doesn't work, you will get a full refund.

Q: I purchased a license for your software. When will I get it?
A: You will receive a download link for the full edition of our software as soon as your order is processed by BlueSnap. BlueSnap is very fast.
     If you believe that the confirmation e-mail is lost or if you experience any other problems, please contact as ASAP!
     Please send your e-mails to this address.

Q: I own a license for you software product that is not listed on your web-site. Will I get support?
A: Yes, we will continue to support all our products.

Remove VBA Password FAQ:

Q: I need to unprotect the VBA code in a file that your software doesn't support. Can you help?
A: Yes, send us the file or a sample file of this type and we will try to implement support for this file type ASAP.

Q: I need to remove the VBA password in many files at once. Can Remove VBA Password do this?
A: Remove VBA Password Pro can do this, by using the command-line and a custom script. We will gladly provide both.

Q: Can your Remove VBA Password unprotect my Excel/Word file? What passwords does it remove?
A: Remove VBA Password can not remove the password to open the file. It removes the VBA macros password only.

Unlock Access MDE Design FAQ:

Q: My unlocked file can not be edited because the startup form appears and I can not use the Shift key to bypass it.

A: The MDE application may have the AllowBypassKey property set to False. We can provide a script to reset it, free of charge.

Q: Can your software provide access to VBA code in an MDE, ADE or ACCDE file?
A: No, the VBA code remains inaccessible when an application is unlocked.