Unlock Access MDE Design unlocks MS Access MDE, ADE and ACCDE forms and reports for editing.
If you have lost the original MDB/ADP/ACCDB file and need to make design changes to the application this is the ideal software tool.
Unlock Access MDE Design

The software securely unlocks the MDE applications allowing you to edit forms and reports in MS Access.
There will be no damages to the MDE application; the original file is not written to.
The code will continue to work the same way while the MDE application is unlocked and when you re-lock it later.
You can change the way the application works using Access macros and expressions, but you can not change or view the VBA code.
The software supports all MDE application types (MDE, ADE and ACCDE) and all MS Access versions (97 - 2013). Unlock Access MDE works on Windows 2000 and higher.
There is no need to rewrite the application, lose time, money and introduce new bugs.
How much time would you waste by re-developing everything from scratch?

Edit MDE forms and reports in MS Access like editing MDB/ADP/ACCDB files.
Full money back guaranty protects you from the rare event of a failure.
Download the demo edition of our software for a FREE trial. The demo edition only tests if the full edition can unlock or re-lock  the MDE application

We use BlueSnap to securely handle the online payments via credit card, cash, check and other methods.
Your purchase is backed up by a full money-back guaranty in case the full edition fails to unlock  the MDE application.

Unlocking MDE applications doesn't allow you to view or edit the VBA code in the MDE, ADE or ACCDE applications.

Any questions? Please read the FAQ.